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That is my mantra, we are all simply put here to help one another.  In modern times it has been twisted into making money, but I think at the core of it all, we simply want to connect and share in the experience of this life.  That is why I’ve created this website, to share my experiences, knowledge and humor with someone who wants to hear it.  I hope you enjoy and I always encourage comments so that we can learn from you too!  🙂

I read Rumi’s sonnet to the reed and I wept.

I read Rumi’s sonnet to the reed and I wept.
For the vibration under the words pulls of deep wanting.
The separation before the return
The cycle of repeat
Wanting again from the separation
But the separation brings the music, reslish the music
the mystery, but for barely a moment in comsic time
Sing your song quickly or wait for the right moment
The return is imenent and the respringing of who you are will come again, but different.
Ken getting ready to do something DIY.

Repost from Quora: What is your biggest DIY fail? How much did it cost to repair your mistake?

Ken Horkavy, Done more than most will in their lives, remember some of it

My wife and I built a deck out of recycled wood. Looks good right? Shiny, beautiful, coated all sides three times with Thompson’s water seal. What did I miss? Clearance. It was too close to the mulch and soil of the yard, so within two years it rotted to dust and I had to start over.

The cost of the deck was $200 in supplies, would have been $1000 with new wood. So not too bad. I did lose a week of work time building a ‘temporary deck’. Now we did win a $750 contest on creative recycling from Instructables: Hexagon Deck With Recycled Supplies.

So we made some money there and lost time.

THEN I pulled up the deck and used it in the yard as a temporary walkway of sorts, so a cost savings there:

More on the yard here:…

Or you can see it in this video: Ken Horkavy

Back to the story of the DIY deck adventure. My wife found a coquina-like stone drive way that was $500, but we had to pull it up by hand and it was concreted in. Back-breaking, trailer-bending, heavy, heavy work. We did it, even pulled up the two square yards of foundation sand that was underneath (in the rain). It was essentially SEVEN trips with trailers and vehicles. What a mess, but we got it done.

Then I had to buy many yards of additional foundation sand ($50/yard picked up) about $150.

This is what the patio looks like today

My breakdown:

Wood Deck: $200 – $750 prize = $550 profit for a temporary deck. 🙂

Stone Patio: $500 bricks, $100 fuel, $200 massages to recover, $150 in sand:
$950 total

To have a patio in the end, 15×30 feet, was $400 all totaled and probably a month of freakin’ work.

I would hire a builder to do it next time I think, but my wife and I had a good time working together. I love her very much. The greatest value I realized from this adventure was seeing how dedicated my wife was to me, following me down these rabbit holes!

Happy Building! 🙂


Why do democrats keep losing? One word: Framing.

Framing of questions, framing of conversations is how the right has taken the wheel and held it for many years in the US government. You want to make a different in our future? Read this, take it to heart and start the long work required to clarify the message that has been controlled and driven by a tiny faction of the electorate for many years.

George Lakoff’s; The Political Mind. The most important book on politics over the last 20 years. Progressive’s unite and read this treatise on how to take back our democracy.

Inspired by Osho.

I enjoyed this write up from Osho so much, I’m sharing it. Great insights:

Have you have seen any of those documentaries on the origins of planet Earth from about four and a half thousand million years ago? It is simply an astounding story of an initial fireball, subjected to a huge planetary collision, then meteorite bombardments, the arrival of literally oceans of water, the origin of primitive living organisms, climatic disruptions from snowball Earth to volcanic chaos, the oxygenation of the planet…. And finally, after about four thousand million years, the first creepy crawlies appear in the oceans…. After which it took another 500 million years of trial and error to manage to give you the opportunity to read this book – on Trust!

Yes, it took a while to bring you and this book together – which is simply a reflection of the extraordinarily intricate process involved – as a tapestry of zillions of life forms evolve into one organic whole where you can feel at home.
Food, water, air, energy and valuable materials are all around us. You have been invited to what may be the most amazing play in the whole universe, called life, surrounded by abundance.

So, what’s the problem: why is “trust” even an issue?
As Osho puts it, “Why can’t you trust? The whole existence trusts. Trees never go neurotic, birds and animals never go psychotic….”
So what’s going on? We are the most blessed of creatures – who react to this amazing gift from existence by wasting vast amounts of energy attacking ourselves, each other, and this beautiful planet in a way no other life form does.
Here is the missing bit of the puzzle. First, it took a few hundred million years for single cell life forms to appear, and then another few billion years of biological evolution before the animals and the trees appeared.

Up to this point, all life is pre-programmed how to live. Then, a mere few hundred thousand years ago we arrived. As Osho explains, prior to the arrival of our species, “No other animal has been given the gift of being free, every animal is given an already fixed program. All animals are programmed except man.
With man, everything changes. “The immense gift of existence is freedom. You are left unprogrammed, you don’t carry a blueprint.

You have to create yourself, you have to be self-creative.

Osho again is clear: “You have to bring some new element into the world of biology, and that I call meditation, a ray of meditation, a ray of watchfulness. That does not belong to biology at all, because animals are not aware, trees are not aware.”

Naturally the question arises: what is the connection between meditation and trust? Osho explains this precisely:
“Without meditation you will not be able to find trust in yourself. And the day of finding the trust in yourself is the greatest day in your eternal life.
It changes all the vision, all perception, all judgment about existence and about other people. The trust goes on growing and spreading all around you.
Only then will you have unconditional trust in existence.” Time to start reading this book! Living Spontaneously and Embracing Life
“Trust is the highest form of the same energy as doubt. Doubt is the lowest rung of the ladder, and trust is the highest rung of the same ladder. Use doubt, use it joyfully” – Osho

Bentonite Clay – Why I eat it everyday

I have been consuming food grade bentonite clay everyday for over a year. What has it done for me? It took my joint pain away, plain and simple. If I forget to take it, I can feel it.

This is a naturally forming substance that does more good than most medications, clears heavy metals from the body, toxins are removed and on and on.  You can see what Dr. Axe says:

My own opinion:  This is an amazing powder, that when used properly can help with gout and many other bodily issues. The reason I mention gout: I told a friend about using food grade bentonite clay as he was REALLY suffering from gout. He bought it and three days later sent me this message…

“Ken, thank you for the food grade bentonite clay suggestion, it is the first time my knees are not hurting in years. Where has this been all my life?!  Thanks again, Carl

This is how I use food grade bentonite clay:

I put a tablespoon or so in a sealable pint jar, Add clean water 3/4 full and shake it up. I put it aside to let the clay mix with the water fully (takes about an hour). Then I drink a half pint a day which translates to about two teaspoons of clay being ingested.

Another way:  If you are drinking it regularly, you can add a teaspoon to a glass of water and let it sit for a while, stirring occasionally until it is fully dissolved. You may have a little grit but it is so worth it!

If I have specific body pains (sore joints, etc) I will drink a whole pint or a double dose and it alleviates the pain within an hour or so.

A little goes a LONG way, so be patient and be sure to read the article as it says using in a bath and on your skin is also beneficial. I use it in my bath on occasion, but it does take some time to dissolve, so be patient. 🙂

I hope this heals what ails you!  🙂


food grade bentonite clay is a “healing clay” that many people are enjoying the benefits by taking internally (in other words, drinking and eating it), on top of using it.

ZIKA Virus – Options and Actions for the Zika Zone!

I live in Lake Worth Florida.  I’m very close to a Zika zone and probably by the time you read this, in a Zika zone.  Bummer, but I believe there are ways to keep my loved ones and myself safe from this looming threat.  My yard was consistently heavy with mosquitoes because I grow a lot of plants, have a lot of mulch and support the natural processes that make growing your own food so awesome!

I had broken down in the past when the little critters got unbearable and used a Pyrethrum (crysanthimum derived) spray to take them out.  It was a mistake because it killed off all the pollinators and other positive bugs.  Within a week of spraying a new variety of bugs showed up, no mosquitoes, but a dozen other beasts that leveled my gardens in short order (like under 5 days).  The reason?  I sprayed a pesticide that threw off the balance of nature and invited other bugs to take their place.  It was very sad to see collards get leveled in just hours and the butterflies just stopped visiting for a while.  They knew what I did and I regretted it.

So I committed myself to figuring out how to handle the mosquitoes without the poison even if it was a natural variety.  How to push back against the bugs that are so much in the news right now.

First, let me say I have a lot of water on my property, a few ponds (that are continually aerated), bird baths, a few buckets and large holding tanks for rain water catchment.  So I have plenty of places where the beasts can hide, reproduce and infect me!  But I did one simple thing that changed the game.  One product I used to lower the potential of mosquitoes greatly and their numbers have dropped so significantly that I don’t see them as a threat as I once did.

What did I do?  I went small, really small.  I used microorganisms.  Bacillus thuringiensis to be exact.  They cause the larvae of mosquitoes to not mature to flight stage.  It changed the game for me and it was cheap,  easy to spread and don’t have any measurable negative affects on my fish, frogs, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, or pets.

How did I do it?  Simply, I purchased Mosquito Bits, which did the trick.  bits

I spread it across my entire yard space of 1/4 acre.  One bottle did all my ponds, water holders, buckets, anything that could hold water for a short time during  or after our frequent rains.  I even spread it on my mulch to ensure runoff of the bacteria back into my water catchment during heavy rains.  Within a week the game had changed and I didn’t lose my garden in the process.  Zika might still be lingering, but the volume of bugs carrying this disease was greatly decreased.  I’m outside all the time, so I know my risk, I try not to use bug sprays as I believe they are as bad as any disease in the long term.  But I found my own way back to my yard without the endless smacking and scratching that comes with the Florida outdoors.

To replace the bug spray and to ensure I’m not infected I use mud.  That’s right, MUD.  I find all kinds of clays in my travels and don’t purchase them most often.  Long ago I realized in FL that mud was used as an insect repellent long before the term was coined.  So I use it as the Indians did, get it wet enough to spread and cover up.  It feels great (to me) and keeps the bugs and sun off my skin.   I even keeps me skin exfoliated and adds some minerals to my skin.  We never get enough minerals and this traditional approach is by far the most FUN I’ve had in mosquito bite prevention.

But if you are concerned, you should use everything you can to stay safe.  Cover up with clothes, use mosquito spray and mosquito nets and cheap drop nets, consider buying blower fan and use it when in outside spaces, I have a large fan that I turn on regularly that really does the trick…


There are several products that carry this bacteria and you can find some of the best prices here


Want more information on Zika?  You can buy books and special sprays here.  Visit the CDC here for updates or click here for a google search for Zika News



UPDATE 9-28-2016:  Some of the mosquitoes survived and are still around, so I don’t have a perfect fix, but I definitely improved the situation.

South Florida Soil Building with Mulch

This is a short overview on how to make new soil in south Florida.

This video illustrates the result of two years of fun work.  Replacing the ugly traditional grass and sugar sand with plants of all kinds and tons of mulch repeatedly.  This was a low cost, highly sustainable approach to creating good soil without buying it.

Additionally, the heat and humidity make it an ideal place to create soil quickly and efficiently with almost no expense (but lots of moving mulch into place, so free is relative).

There are a few pieces of equipment needed:

  1.  A wheelbarrow or something to move the mulch in.
  2. A strong pitchfork.IMG_20160608_151537
  3. Get a dust mask if you are sensitive to mushroom spores (if moving the mulch within the first month it’s on location).
  4. Cardboard (I get mine from behind Pier 1, they have huge boxes and I can usually get what I need in one stop.  I ask the manager once for permission and go whenever I need it.)
The overview on how to create soil for almost free:
1.  IMG_20160504_120250Acquire Mulch.  Tree trimmers are always ready to drop off a batch, so call around, find a local trimmer and give them clear instructions where to drop the mulch.  Always get much more mulch than you think you need.  You don’t need yards of if, you need truckloads of it to grow soil.  (One truck load at a time!)
2.  Put cardboard  over any weedy areas and mulch over the cardboard heavily.
 3. Put mountains of it in the walkways (within reason for safety) and anytime it gets flat, add a bit more.  Add it to plant beds to keep the weeds down, as thick as you can (use cardboard in trouble areas).  Give a little space to plants that may rot if they come into contact with the mulch, but I usually just pile it on and most of the plants seem to work well with it.
4.  Twice a year, you sweep aside the mulch in the walkways and find that dark young mucky soil hiding underneath.  Use a flat shovel and shear off the top soil and put it in the beds (sometimes you may need to break it up).  Don’t go too deep,  just the top dark layer.  Put the half cooked mulch back in the walkway and then what?  Add more fresh mulch.  This is essentially replacing the need for peat, which was something I was unwilling to buy because it is a non-renewable resource.
This is me in my mulching outfit. Glasses were because I was chipping too, but you get the idea. :)

This is me in my mulching outfit. Glasses were because I was chipping too, but you get the idea. 🙂

One of the things I’ve found is that timing is important.  If you can move a freshly chipped tree onto its cooking location (where it will remain for months) it will cook that much faster because it is moist and quickly form the mycelium that creates the heat and soil we are after.

I’m adding 3-6 inches of rich topsoil every year with this process for my whole yard.

One more optional step:

You can take it a step further….  I added a wood deck over my mulch so that it is out of the sun and will cook faster.  (It also makes my wife happy since she doesn’t have to wobble through as much mulch when working in the garden.)

It is a bit more work, but the wood was free and sitting around.  The process is the same, except you build your mulch up and then put a floating deck over the top.  Once a year I lift one set of boards, grab the soil and replace the deck on some heaping fresh mulch, then I repeat for the next set of boards.  I will usually spray the underside of the wood with Neem Oil to help keep it from rotting away with the mulch.

 The REAL magic is sooo tiny!

The rock-star in all this is the bacteria and mushrooms that go to work on the mulch so quickly.  They may be small, but they are mighty and with a little bit of help they can do the work so much faster than you would expect.

IMG_20160529_153115And there is another exciting thing you can do with mulch.  You can create hot water!  Low/no cost options for hot water or priming your hot water heater with warm water to save on the electric bill.  If you want to learn more about this subscribe to my newsletter, it’s free and you can unsubscribe if I irritate you.  Sign up below:


Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you think and be more sustainable everyday!

We are eating too much!

The basic premise is that we eat too much, too regularly.

Science is showing that we should eat less. Throughout history, back to Egyptian times fasting was valued as a health inducing practice.

Here are some options:

1. Eat ONLY during an 8 hour period each day (stresses the body, strengthens the mind with keytones)
2. Twice a week limit your intake to 500 calories as a fast.

Watch this slow moving, but informative TEDtalk.