About Ken

Hello!  My name is Ken Horkavy.  Early in life I realized work did not always equal success and without a balanced lifestyle, rarely equaled happiness.  So I developed a creative attitude towards business and living a meaningful and creative life.

Along the way, the money got the best of me, distracted me from the greater goals in life.  In a 40+ moment I realized how important living a mindful and meaningful existence is.  Money does provide “freedom” in our modern existence, but from what I’ve seen the more money you have the greedier you get and the less likely you are to realize your true purpose during your time on this planet.

I choose to walk the middle ground, live a life that strives for continued spiritual awakenings while tending to the physical world that humans have developed over a millennia.  What have I discovered is that success is a state of mind turned into a reality.   So I do as much good as I can, help as many as I can and spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve myself today and tomorrow.

The most important thing in my life is how we find ways to connect in loving and supportive ways.  This can be accomplishing in life by slowing down and taking the time to simply reach out, hold someone’s hand, say thank you and be kind.

893015_10151791675606872_945052730_oThere are always mountains to climb, but the most important thing is that we do it with an open heart, an open mind and be willing to change course if needed.

When I’m in nature, it gives me the greatest joy.  When I close my eyes and daydream my spirit takes me back to nature and to the most magickal places within nature.

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