Business Development

Businesses are an extension of the creative process.  They are often created with a pure profit mindset and I played in that realm for many years.  You can go to my Linkedin page to see a partial list, but I found that something was missing.  So I have changed my focus to help businesses develop in a more meaningful and holistic way.  My creative process in development has expanded beyond pure profit generation and has evolved into a larger systems approach.

“How does that business help the world?” is one of the first questions I ask.  Then I work from there to improve market potential, build a targeted marketing plan as well as develop strategic business techniques to ensure growth and always build in checks and balances to make sure the business owner is always looking to improve themselves and how their business services their customers.

Some people may find this ‘whole systems’ approach to business development a bit odd, but I consider it forward thinking and I believe this is the future of living well in our world.  We have to think beyond our narrow views, open our hearts and minds and expand the good aspects of who we are and what we do whenever possible (both in business and in our personal lives).

I have the creativity to improve any business, but I choose to focus and help the people that share a similar world view; that we all need to improve ourselves and become more conscientious to our impact on this planet.  We need to do the right thing. Each day I take one small step towards that by focusing on businesses and people that make similar choices.

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