geek-ken-1995-2008Computers and the Internet really did change my life.  I assimilated into the IT world embracing the fast flow of information early on.

The Internet has come a long way and it has barely gotten beyond its teenage years!  I enjoy technology and am excited to see what will come of the next generation of developers, visionaries and hackers that will color the way we see information, well into the future.

I have worked in the medical field participating in building the largest medical database on the planet, worked on processing systems that handled millions of images a year (back when that was a big number) and have a strong understanding of the current web systems.  I most enjoy working with WordPress as of 2015. I can build in most platforms, but find it most rewarding to  give the power to the writer through using WordPress as it gives great controls to the non-programmer saving the client money and ultimately giving them more power over their online business presence.

One of the services I provide is stealth corporate support.  If an executive wants to look like he knows what he’s doing, he/she calls me and I help them on the computer remotely using a program called Teamviewer that provides enterprise level security as well as connectivity so that the executive I’m supporting always looks like a million bucks.

For many years I provided computer support on just about any operating system.  I have development knowledge in these platforms:  Windows, OS X, Android, Linux, Chrome OS to name a few and thoroughly enjoy watching the evolution of new programming languages as they evolve.

Other systems I have corporate knowledge in:  systems recovery, drive recovery, data recovery,


Do you need a website? If you have a business and don’t have one, well you need one! I can build any size website and with my marketing skills, ensure that you gain good ranking and more business from your online investment.

Online Marketing: 
With very strong experience in online marketing, my task of taking your specialty business and putting it at the TOP of the search engines is a joyous and challenging task. With creative means and foresight I can get you to the top and keep you there! A perfect example is for you to type in “headshot photography” and you will see Kevyn Major Howard’s websites at the top of the page, I have held that place for Mr. Howard for over eight years! Woo Hoo! Along with all that I possess a keen understanding of Social Networking.

Personal Background

My personal background in computers is quite extensive, from building new computers, networks, fixing the unfixable and making magic happen online… I have somehow become a computer savant. Whether it be PC or Mac, I seem to have a knack for improving just about any situation. I have little formal training, but have worked for over 15 years in the field and contracted with several large institutions as a consultant. As a side note, I helped build the largest medical database on the planet that WebMD purchased some years back. Not to mention created a few million dollar businesses for my clients through my creative approach.

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