Inspired by Osho.

I enjoyed this write up from Osho so much, I’m sharing it. Great insights:

Have you have seen any of those documentaries on the origins of planet Earth from about four and a half thousand million years ago? It is simply an astounding story of an initial fireball, subjected to a huge planetary collision, then meteorite bombardments, the arrival of literally oceans of water, the origin of primitive living organisms, climatic disruptions from snowball Earth to volcanic chaos, the oxygenation of the planet…. And finally, after about four thousand million years, the first creepy crawlies appear in the oceans…. After which it took another 500 million years of trial and error to manage to give you the opportunity to read this book – on Trust!

Yes, it took a while to bring you and this book together – which is simply a reflection of the extraordinarily intricate process involved – as a tapestry of zillions of life forms evolve into one organic whole where you can feel at home.
Food, water, air, energy and valuable materials are all around us. You have been invited to what may be the most amazing play in the whole universe, called life, surrounded by abundance.

So, what’s the problem: why is “trust” even an issue?
As Osho puts it, “Why can’t you trust? The whole existence trusts. Trees never go neurotic, birds and animals never go psychotic….”
So what’s going on? We are the most blessed of creatures – who react to this amazing gift from existence by wasting vast amounts of energy attacking ourselves, each other, and this beautiful planet in a way no other life form does.
Here is the missing bit of the puzzle. First, it took a few hundred million years for single cell life forms to appear, and then another few billion years of biological evolution before the animals and the trees appeared.

Up to this point, all life is pre-programmed how to live. Then, a mere few hundred thousand years ago we arrived. As Osho explains, prior to the arrival of our species, “No other animal has been given the gift of being free, every animal is given an already fixed program. All animals are programmed except man.
With man, everything changes. “The immense gift of existence is freedom. You are left unprogrammed, you don’t carry a blueprint.

You have to create yourself, you have to be self-creative.

Osho again is clear: “You have to bring some new element into the world of biology, and that I call meditation, a ray of meditation, a ray of watchfulness. That does not belong to biology at all, because animals are not aware, trees are not aware.”

Naturally the question arises: what is the connection between meditation and trust? Osho explains this precisely:
“Without meditation you will not be able to find trust in yourself. And the day of finding the trust in yourself is the greatest day in your eternal life.
It changes all the vision, all perception, all judgment about existence and about other people. The trust goes on growing and spreading all around you.
Only then will you have unconditional trust in existence.” Time to start reading this book! Living Spontaneously and Embracing Life
“Trust is the highest form of the same energy as doubt. Doubt is the lowest rung of the ladder, and trust is the highest rung of the same ladder. Use doubt, use it joyfully” – Osho