The Owl Housing Solution

When Alyson and I first moved into our new home in Palm Springs, FL we saw some screech owls out front.  We knew there was not rodenticide used on this property in some time (important to make sure!) so I went to building an owl box to see if they would like to take up residence.  The rodent population, which was never that bad, is now non-existent!  Talk about a natural rodenticide, owls are the best!

A few months later the box was habited by a very, very cute screech owl.

Photo by Alyson Gold

THEN, a month later we checked the box and found babies!

5-5-2015 Update!


One week later, they lost their white down and are growing up!

No owls were harmed in this video. It bounced softly on the ground with mama owl not far away. If you are in a hurry, go to the last 15 seconds of the film to see the action. 🙂

5-10-2015 update.  They are peeking out of the hole!  So cute I can hardly stand it!  Camera didn’t focus on their eyes, but you get the idea.  OMG so cute!


The boxes are built of untreated wood and all-weather screws with the birds in mind and should last many years, so that means this small investment will provide shelter for hopefully a dozen or more babies over its lifetime!  Yay for more screech owls!


Would you like the designs for a screech owl box?  Click Here.

Want to donate a box created in your name? You can certainly suggest a location or I may pick one that I know needs a box, and I will take on installation free of charge and send you pictures! Minimum donation is $25 per box.  🙂

Want a pre-made screech owl box delivered to your door?  Order one below:
Every box ordered will result in two boxes being built!  One will go to the purchaser and one will do to an under-represented area for owl preservation.  Double the good deed!  🙂


Ken’s Soil Amendment

Product Purpose:  Soil Amendment

Results:  I gave this product away last year and found that it improved soil, increased plant growth and provided larger harvests on test subject plants.

What am I talking about here? A home-brewed soil amendment that you can grow at home if you have the patience. OR you can buy it from me (Scroll to the bottom of this page) and have it delivered right to your door.

The soil amendment is a dark liquid that is completely safe for use.  It has no added fertilizer or pesticides, but may act as one due to its nature of strengthening the microbiome in the soil thus making the plant stronger as well.

The Process:

1. Collect at least 50lbs of table scraps with some mulch and recycled paper mixed in.
2. Put the mixture in a sealable box or large trash bag where it will see a little sun and is out of the way. This container should be a few feet off the ground so the liquid can be captured.
3. Add any medicinal herbs you have growing in your garden.  Many weeds in Florida are actually medicinals, so weeds without seeds is encouraged.
4. Attract black flies!  That’s right, you want them there, you want their babies to be born there. This is not for the squeamish of heart or stomach.  (I’ve used small pieces of meat, bbq sauce, and other bits to successfully attract them).  Make it a comfortable spot for them to lay eggs and not be bothered.
5.  After a couple of weeks, check and see if the maggots are present, if not repeat #4 above.   Rotate the material with a stick or pitchfork at least monthly or every two weeks.
6.  After three months do your first liquid collection.  This is dependent on the box/bag, how you are setup, if you have buckets, etc.  Play with it, get as much black liquid as possible (filtering out everything else as much as possible).
7.  Keep the concentration high until a few days before usage.  I usually fill up a couple of buckets with water and add an ounce per gallon of water used.  An ounce can go a long way, so use it sparingly to start with.
8.  Once the bugs are gone, add more compost/scraps to the mixture or start over by dumping the compost into your garden beds.

Tips:  Aeration is important, making the bugs comfortable in the area is important, so no pesticides and don’t let the lizards go crazy, but they do help control the population.

Sound fun?  Maybe you would like to just buy some from me…

The product I offer is in a recycled, clean container that will usually be plastic. It will come with an instruction label as well as usage suggestions. The shipping is included with the order and is most often USPS. Processing takes three days (I make it fresh so that the microbiome in the amendment is strong) and shipping depends on your location. If you want to expedite your shipping, let me know and that can be arranged.

Soil Amendment Size:

Here to Help.

That is my mantra, we are all simply put here to help one another.  In modern times it has been twisted into making money, but I think at the core of it all, we simply want to connect and share in the experience of this life.  That is why I’ve created this website, to share my experiences, knowledge and humor with someone who wants to hear it.  I hope you enjoy and I always encourage comments so that we can learn from you too!  🙂