Photography and Film

I spent a good portion of my life involved in the entertainment business.  Several years in Miami, many more in New York and almost a decade in Los Angeles were part of my path in creating and discovering myself and the talents that had laid unrealized in my youth.

I did start in front of the camera, but quickly found that I was happier behind the lens or as a producer.  I was told that the energy I bring to a set is inspiring and that I help keep spirits high, keep a production moving and ensure that the goals are realized in the end.  I made it a mission to make sure everyone got their job done and had the opportunity to have fun while doing it.  I did not realize that was what I was doing, but looking back, I feel like I was a facilitator for a creative art!

As with all things, a time came for a change, and I left my love of film behind and looked towards finding new interests and passions.

Now I have turned my focus from the grand scale that Los Angeles film making is known for and look towards the small and often unseen that is found in our world.  Nature has so many stories to tell, so much insight to share.  It is there for all to see and yet so few really see the magick that abounds.  I hope to bring some small part of that mystery to the fore.


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