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I’m just a normal guy with a big smile.  My mind is always reaching for creative ideas to help the people that I’m personally exposed to in my life.    I have been called a visionary, but I humbly submit that I’m just a thinker and on occasion an idea is brought into reality that can make a difference.  Along with the millions of other thinkers out there, I think we can make this life better for everyone, one new idea at a time!  🙂

 Computers   ~   Photography and Film  ~  Business Development

Over the years I have had so many interests, businesses and hobbies.  What I have found is that if I focus on the things that really give me joy, that provide a childlike curiosity, they will often grow and blossom into a small business or project that will help the world around me.

Business 2015:  My business focus is on social media content production for small businesses.  Do you have a small business that needs a healthy and growing social media presence?  Do you need a strategy or campaign development to help your business grow?  Give me a call at 213-926-4550.  I’m based out of Lake Worth, Florida and I can provide you the service you need no matter where in the world you are.

Personal 2015:  My focus this year is to facilitate a healthy, organic, holistic garden with my wife, Alyson.  We purchased a small home in Palm Springs, FL and started our garden by adding tons of mulch to the mostly-sandy ground.

One year later, we now have some pretty exceptional soil and our plants are really starting to show their true colors.  Some would ask why this would be my focus… simply put, we needed some grounding and there is nothing better than literally getting your hands in the soil.

Beyond that, I want to grow my understanding of plants, they are much more complex than most people would ever imagine and if we simply pay attention, all ailments, all disease has an existing treatment through medicinal herbs.

I am continuing my past experience and expanding on my knowledge day by day, planting, tending, and learning from the hundreds of plants we’ve put in the ground this year.  Our plan is to grow our own, use what we grow and experiment with new techniques and applications of some well known and less known medicinal plants.

When you realize how potent some of these plants are, it is quite captivating.  We use no fertilizers or pesticides in the garden.  We apply minimal inputs overall. Mainly water and mulch are the catalyst for our happy garden.  We do create some amendments from comfrey and other plants to provide a nutrient boost for struggling plants, but that is about it.


I have done so much in my life!  I have run dozens of businesses, created new market opportunities and developed new methodologies to bringing technology to market.  Here are some of the things I’ve focused on in the past:


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